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RHG Demo 1

2011-07-06 05:45:53 by mrflub

My Demo is done and my character is created!

power: Mr flub has the power to manipulate, destroy and regenerate any limb on his body apart from his head. the head can then be used like a brutal pinball until he decides to regenerate again.

weaknesses: Ice, since Mr Flub is made out of a jelly like substance, the only way to kill him is to freeze and shatter him.

about:After being horribly burned in a dog walking accident, Mr flub had his burns treated with a soothing jelly that was applied to his raw flesh. after a RHG destroyed the hospital with a radioactive blast attack, the jelly infused with Flubs body to give him the powers he needs for his revenge.

yes it will! i just gave vincoid my final animation and now he's just putting it together...i think...

frame 4: an fbf collab

2009-01-18 01:15:13 by mrflub


my first entry into a collab, and im the first animation you see.
im quite happy with the way my entry came out, becouse not only did it go to the rythm of the music,
and not only the fact that minewas one of the top 5 best animations in that collab (imo) but i used a picture made by egoraptor as a backround....yea

so anyways check it out. the link is up the top, or right here.

my first drawn project

2009-01-12 22:38:35 by mrflub

with my new tablet (which i use everyday) i have decided to make a fully drawn movie.
my first idea was to make a series of me and my brother and all the funny things that we get up to. but i decided against that as its much too frustrating to animate my hair.

so ive finally decided after doodling some pics onto my screen, that i will mke my movie bout 3 superheroes. who aren't exactly heroes because they couldn't give a shit what happens to the human race as long as they get paid.
there are 3 characters, Saieed Burns , i thought his name was appropriate becouse he can control fire, and he has massive sideburns. a.s.s-man (awesome stealthy speedy man)
the ninja with super speed, and the healer, a dude that looks like a chick and has a very gruff voice. and knows magic. but only knows one spell. healing and doubling his own strength.

the heroes are lazy slobs, who always fight witheach other and have a festering hatred for jazz music.

yea thats all for now anyways.

holy shit

2008-12-30 05:15:53 by mrflub

i got a tablet.


2008-12-22 00:59:25 by mrflub

oh this is just great ng,
due to personal issues i cant talk about (its private you know)
I'm not getting a wacom tablet.
its not that im not allowed to have one,
i just cant get one.
that's jipped.
i was so f'ing exited that i could start animating this new project with my brother, not the parody mind you, no an original mini series about me and corey , were we do lots of dumb and funny things.
but no, every thing just had to fuck up on me.
y'know what makes it even worse?
i see Tom Fulp giving out free wacoms every freaking day.
and i see he gave one to some one with no flash portal history. what the hell man!
now dont get me wrong, i think its cool doing that for someone.
but my christmas is ruined.
the thing i was looking forward to for three months now,
is gone.
see if i had a wacom tablet, my display pic, and my banner would be different in two day flat.
BUT it didnt turn out like that.

congratulations to all the lucky bastards that won a tablet.
im so jealous.



2008-12-17 00:58:02 by mrflub

my computer fucked up not long ago
i sent it into a computer repair shop and got a RAM upgrade while i was at it.
so why am i pissed off?
becouse my whole hard drive was wiped clean. iwas nearly finished my resident evil movie, i was just coloring the last 2 scenes and IT FUCKING CRASHED!!! All that work and its just gone. so im not even gonna bother retrying.
anyway im getting a wacom for christmas and were working on a new one after FluffyMelons friend comes up to do voices for us.
much to my dislike its a metal gear solid parody (wow ive never seen that done before! in my life!)
anyway my little rant is over.
go home.
take a shower.
enjoy your life.
eat a stick and choke.
that was mean.
bye now.

p.s congrats to lazyfeet for winning a wacom

new movie soon

2008-10-17 07:17:53 by mrflub

o hai,
Ive recently been working with my brother who has moved in back to my place. his user name is fluffymelon.
so anyway ive been making an animation with voice acting in this lil' studio Ive set up. Corey and his friend guy do the voices, and i do the rest. its not released yet but after a month or two of solid work i should have it done, my flash skills have improved greatly since madness uber, and every thing is hand drawn. no sprites.
also im not ripping off other lipsyncing mouth pieces. every frame is drawn by hand for that.
so this is a move based on the first two resident evil games. not the remakes.
i know i don't have many fans, so not many people will see this.
o well :)
any gotta get back to work!


p.s it will be submitted on his account, and i will be co-authered so he can get a bit of a rep, and by this way this is going, it will be a wicked first submission.

p.p.s here is a screen shot with i edited and replaced with lines and color and stuff

new movie soon


2008-06-14 12:53:51 by mrflub

workin flat out on madness uber' 2 AND smileys AND metal head i have to keep goi its getting hectic!!!!

smiley collab

2008-05-31 18:20:06 by mrflub

ok if u want in on the collab post here. if u want u can make ur own sprites, but if not u can use mine :D